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The process is simple. The most important thing to getting your divorce final through the courts is having the correct forms prepared in the correct format. We use state specific forms for divorce, legal separation, child custody, and child support. We will professionally prepare your forms to suit your particular case and deliver them to you online in less than 48 hours.

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Any type of divorce, uncontested, default, missing spouse, interstate, military, or legal separation. We are the best choice. We have been processing divorce papers online since 1994.

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Each state has their own laws regarding divorce. It is very important that you understand the laws in your state. Our Divorce Specialists are well versed in the state laws of each and every state which means you will get exactly the forms you need.

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There is no easier or more affordable way to get your divorce finalized. We were the first online divorce provider and we have always been the best and most affordable.

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*Please note that some people are having problems getting their payments to go through when using a prepaid card. If you have this issue, please call us at 443.386.7744 and we will take payment over the phone.